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Apache project, The apache xerces project currently consists of the following sub-projects, each focused on the development of xml parsers and related components in various.

Apache cocoon is a spring-based framework (since version 22 of cocoon) built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based. Create a project create a blank cordova project using the command-line tool navigate to the directory where you wish to create your project and type cordova create. The apache xml project used to be the home for many xml-related subprojects, many of which have moved to top-level project status recently or are currently. The apache software foundation / the apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus-based development process and an. Supports the development of a number of open-source software projects, including the apache web server includes license information, latest news, and project sites. Welcome to the apache web services™ project the apache web services project is the home of a number of web services related projects for more.

Standard apache arrow is backed by key developers of 13 major open source projects, including calcite, cassandra, drill, hadoop, hbase, ibis, impala. As the project grows we hope to expand our focus to offer other wave related goodies as well the wave project is still in its infancy apache, apache wave. Open source - apache build manager for java projects features a (pom) project object model, extensible process plugin framework functions include build, deployment.

Apache james project james has a modular architecture based on a rich set of modern and efficient components which provides at the end, complete, stable, secure and. Apache community development this website is designed to help newcomers to the apache software foundation (asf) and to our many apache projects take their first. Welcome to apache commons apache commons is an apache project focused on all aspects of reusable java components the apache commons project is composed of.

The apache software foundation has been home to numerous important open source software projects from its inception in 1999 successes range from. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates that the infrastructure apache, apache hawq® (incubating). Projects directory home committees projects releases statistics timelines about project listings: by name managed by the apache community development project. Numerous apache software foundation projects make up the services required by an enterprise to deploy, integrate and work with massive amounts of structure and.

This is the top-level (general) apache wiki it is maintained by the entire apache community each project wiki listed below is managed by the respective project. The apache xalan project we are proud to release version 272 of our xalan java project this is the first product distribution release of xalan java since apache.

Apache project
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